Pratt art students participate in virtual art show with good results

Ruby Howell
Pratt Tribune
Pratt High School student Kristen Kiley won a gold medal at the recent Central Kansas League Art Show with her pen and ink drawing called “Goop.” Many other Pratt students also won awards with their creative creations.

In years past, art students at Pratt High School have competed at the League Art Show, hosted by McPherson College. However, due to COVID-19, having an in-person show was risky. That did not stop the dedicated art teacher across the League from coming together to decide to put on a virtual show. 

PHS Art teacher, Rayna Bolen, said that students could enter almost any piece of their work. PHS was allotted 40 entries into the competition and filled all of those with students’ work. The Greenbacks competed against entries from all the schools in the Central Kansas League. In order to enter, Bolen said she had to take pictures of each piece of art and then upload it to a Google Slides presentation that was shared amongst all the competing schools. 

Students could enter art in many different categories, including mixed media, photography, pen and ink, color pencil, graphite, textiles, and painting. These entries could be any piece that a student had created in the last school year. Bolen said she focuses on her upperclassmen and students who have been in several years of art classes to be a part of the competition since there is a limited number of entries allowed. For example, most students who entered were in Advanced Art or Art 2. 

“I am proud of all my students whether they enter or not,” Bolen said, “I love seeing the wheels turn in their heads with ideas of what they want to express and then talk about different ways that it can be created. Seeing their ideas on their sketches in the sketchbook come alive on canvas, is pretty amazing. I am hoping that next year students will be able to get the full feel of the competition and actually get to go and see other students' work of art and do workshops.”

The results from the show are as follows: Receiving an Honorable Mention in their respective categories are Jordyn Sanko in Pen & Ink and Mixed Media), Libby Schaffer in White Color Pencil on Black Paper,  Kristen Kiley in Mixed Media and Ceramics, and Payton Woody in Mixed Meid and Ceramics, and Morgan Riepl, Kaylie Winkel, and Enoch Walton in Photography. Receiving Silver Medals in their categories are Payton Woody in Ceramics and Morgan Riepl in Photography. 

Finally, receiving Gold Medals were Kristen Kiley in Pen & Ink and Kaylie Winkel in Photography.