Engineering firm makes a positive impact in Pratt

Tucker Eisenhaur
Pratt Tribune
Located at 306 S. Main Street in Pratt, the EBH Engineering firm provides planning and construction project support.

EBH Engineering in Pratt has made as many adjustments to the COVID-19 pandemice as any other company in town, and they found ways to continue working through 2020 that continue to benefit their company at large, but more importantly the local community of Pratt. 

The engineering firm maintains one of seven offices throughout Kansas at 306 S. Main Street in Pratt.

The company uses online resources to communicate, and they have reduced travel. As a result, most of their client communication happens through networking resources and virtual meeting software.

EBH engineers developed ways to continue business through new avenues that allow them to work apart and still perform at a high level.

As an essential business that helps keep cities’ infrastructure up and running employees work fairly normal business hours of 8-5 and longer, as needed. Marketing, planning project development, recruiting, construction, communication, meeting with clients, and human resources are a few of their daily tasks. Each employee has different daily goals, but continually works towards maintaining and growing the business.

Their business works mostly in the rural communities in Kansas. They find success through small group communication and the ability to be closely involved with the communities’ planning and development.

EBH competes with other engineering firms in Kansas, but since they have a tight client relationship in south central Kansas’ rural communities, they feel the company can keep their clients as the business continues to help them succeed with planning and construction projects.

EBH uses electronic websites, social media, community events and publications. The business is proud to participate in local community organizations, schools and charities.

EBH has strong internal leadership. The directors have helped manage it well to get through the hard times. EBH Engineering has faced slumps over the years and has always maintained. Years of experience and dedication has helped them succeed.

They are small enough to be able to communicate with employees on a one-on-one basis. Employees are their most valuable asset. If employees are happy with their jobs and happy with their employer, they will continue producing at a high level. This, in turn, helps make Pratt a strong community.

Some examples of what EBH has engineered locally are Pratt’s new track and field southeast of town, a wastewater treatment facility, and the Pratt Fincham Road realignment. 

With EBH’s business here in town, and with projects like these, the infrastructure of Pratt, as well as the people living in this community, benefit from this business’ professional and continued positive impact.