On the outside looking in: Crystal Clean helps Pratt see and breathe easier

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Jordan Cox washes windows earlier this month at the Barron Theater in Pratt. His business, Crystal Clean Windows Plus, has helped many in the area see and breathe easier as he also spends a lot of time cleaning air and heating ducts, as well as washing windows.

Jordan Cox of Crystal Clean Windows Plus has looked in a lot of windows since moving his window-washing business, and family, to Pratt from Phoenix, and he likes what he sees. Cox brought his self-owned business, patterned after one similar run by his father in South Carolina, to Kansas 10 years ago.

"We came here, my wife has family in the area, because we wanted to get away from the big cities," Cox said. "We really like the tight-knit community here and feel safe raising our kids here. Pratt is a great place to call home."

In additional to finding Pratt a great place for him and wife Michelle to raise their five children, ages 20-3, Cox discovered that Pratt is a good place to build a window washing business that includes many other services.

"We actually cover the whole state of Kansas and even go into Oklahoma," Cox said. "Other window washing companies actually don't service the smaller towns, so we block out two weeks at a time and go into many parts of the state. But especially in Pratt we see a lot of hard water damage."

The average window washer might be able to take off the dirt and debris that blows onto windows in Pratt and much of south central Kansas, but Cox's company utilizes a special acid wash that also removes the haze found on windows for a much better, long-lasting clean view of the world outside.

"The longer that hard water sits on the window, the more it etches into the glass," Cox said. "The wash that we use is natural-based and is perfectly safe for all things growing. It's something that we found worked very well when I worked with my dad in South Carolina, and it works very well here."

While Crystal Clean Windows Plus was started, and thrives, based on window washing, Cox said some added services have helped the business evolve into a full-fledged, full-time occupation.

"I do all the labor, my wife takes care of all the bookwork and taxes," he said. "We started with window washing but now have evolved into gutter cleaning, chimney sweeps, interior painting, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning."

In post COVID-19 pandemic months, Cox said that air duct cleaning took on a special meaning for many of his customers. "People with allergies have told me that just getting their air ducts cleaned on the heating and cooling systems have made it much easier to breathe," Cox said. "At a time when we are all concerned about and a little more aware of the air we breathe, having a clean system makes all the difference in quality of life."

He said that cleaning air ducts can sometimes lead to interesting finds, like an old flyer from a 1940s movie he discovered when cleaning the Barron Theatre air ducts recently.

"Air ducts can collect some interesting things," he said. "We go in there and get all the gunk and debris out, then add a sanitizer and kill any fungus. It just keeps the air cleaner and makes sense."

Sheryl White, Barron Theater manager, said she has called on Cox's services many times at her place of work and at her home.

"He is so good at what he does and is such a good supporter of our mission at the Barron and our community," White said. "I've had him clean my gutters and windows and am always so glad for his expertise. It helps me breathe easier."

Cox is available for contract or consultation at 620-770-6494.