Parsons Jewelry is a diamond in Pratt

Alyssa Green
Pratt Tribune
Steven Parsons helps out customer Emily Green, scheduling a time to pick up her necklace chain repair.

Imagine this. You are looking to turn the next chapter in your life by marrying your sweetheart. First, you must propose. The ring, the setup, everything. It all has to be perfect. When you come up with your special plan to propose, you’ll need a place like Parsons Jewelry to help you out.

Parsons Jewelry is a family-led business in Pratt that started out in 1959.

“As the years have gone along, as these guys have retired or gone out of business, we really need family to follow behind,” said Steven Parsons, the current owner of the business, 45 years running.

Parsons said the business is strongly family oriented, and that is very apparent in the way it runs.

Parsons and his wife, Susan Parsons, work in the store starting around 8:15 a.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

“We set the store up every day," Parsons said. "All the cases are stripped out every night, just for security. It takes about 40-50 minutes to get it all set up.”

Parsons and his wife do all the work for the business themselves, whether that is janitorial work or just waiting for customers, while working on tasks that need to be done for others. If there is one thing to note about Steven Parsons, it is the hard work that he and his family put into their business.

“Whatever happens here stays here. If you were to come in with a young man and look at wedding sets, I’m not going to go blabbing down the street that you were in here. That’s your personal business. We’ve always followed that,” Parsons said.

Elsie Green looks at jewelry in a glass case in awe, on a trip with her mother to Parsons Jewelry.

Throughout the history of the business, they have had a lot of fun stories of helping customers make everything more special. In one instance, an older couple came in to see some bracelets, and the woman liked them.

“As her partner was walking out the door, he kind of gave me that nod, so I knew that that’s what he wanted,” said Parsons.

He then went on and worked to make a special moment the couple could enjoy when receiving the gift. This included carefully placing the bracelet inside a box of Valentine’s chocolates — the woman’s only request to not receive as a gift — and carefully resealing to make a wonderful surprise.

The Parsons work hard and put everything they have into their business, so that their customers can have the best possible experiences. This has been a little bit more difficult recently, facing COVID restrictions in the past year. The business shut down for about five weeks last year, which was, in Parsons’ words, “kind of odd, and strange. Very strange.”

Speaking on COVID and its effects on the business, Parsons said, “We got through that. People have been very understanding on lots of things. If I stacked up repairs even, they were very courteous about understanding things have changed a lot. If I had a special ring from one of our manufacturers, it may take 6-8 weeks to arrive. We have had to watch our spending since that time. For the most part, people wear masks, and we wear masks here. We’ve gotten through it OK.”

Parsons Jewelry offers several services, including wedding and engagement rings, special occasion jewelry, clocks and watches, repairs, cleaning, appraisals and engravings. One thing is for certain. If you want good-quality work, and something done with care, take it to Parsons Jewelry.

“Pratt needs to have someone here to follow up,” said Parsons. “They could continue it here, or even online, with new technology. I think Pratt has got a lot going for it; we have our hospital facility, our high school is in great shape, and our football field. In our industry, I think we just bang along.”

It is pretty clear, if you’re looking for that special moment or turning to the next chapter in your life with a perfect proposal, there is a great place to go right here in Pratt, Kansas: Parsons Jewelry at 303 S. Main St.