Cutright puts community service into action in St. John

Fran Brownell
David Cutright runs a video camera for television coverage of an event in St. John. He was the recent 2021 Grand Marshall of the Jubilee Parade in honor of his efforts to improve community connections.

When it comes to community dedication, St. John videographer David Cutright ranks about as high as they come, providing live coverage of the wide range of events that weave the texture of St. John’s vibrant community life.

These videos, which range from county commission and city council meetings to sports, school and a whole range community celebrations, including Jubilee, are aired on YouTube SSC TV Channel 3, which is under the direction of Cutright and wife Martha.

As a show of community respect, Cutright was named as Grand Marshall of St. John’s 2021 Jubilee Parade.

But, because of his dedication to recording this event to share with those not able to attend, Cutright did not take his rightful place to lead the parade.

Instead, Cutright was on-the-scene with his camera to chronicle to historic May 31st Jubilee event for posterity.

In fact, Cutright was not even aware that he had been bestowed with the Grand Marshall honor.

Announcement of the honor was made by Dakota Tucker as the parade got underway.

“We didn’t tell him,” Tucker said. “He’s standing on the platform videoing the whole parade, doing a great job for the City of St. John.”

Expressing gratitude to Cutright, Tucker said, “We’re grateful to have him, that way this is in the history books.”

Video of the parade is posted on YouTube SSC TV Channel 3

On March 2, David and Martha Cutright took office as new executive directors of Sandyland Shepherd’s Center, succeeding Jim Lakey who retired after more than a quarter century of service, leaving David and Martha at the helm.

David continues as news director and Martha has charge of the center and projects.

“We are slowly rebuilding the volunteer base at the Shepherd's Center, focusing on the younger retired persons,” Martha said, noting that future plans include serving as mentors with CORE participants as volunteers.

Sandyland Shepherd’s Center will  sponsor A Lunch and Learn program relating to Cognitive Health, Wednesday, June 30 at 12 p.m. at Ida Long Goodman Library, 406 North Monroe Street. For reservation, call 620-549-6351. Handicap access is available.

Also worth checking out is the video posted by Cutright, titled “This is a Dial,” which highlights his insatiable and genuine curiosity and interest in the world we live in.