City council to review dangerous dog ordinance at next meeting in Greensburg

Hannah Brown
Kiowa County Signal
Flags fly at Fairview Cemetery as the City of Greensburg reviews tree board members and conducts business reguarding dogs, police and committee members.

The Greensburg City Council met for their regular meeting on May 17, 2021, at City Hall. Mark Trummel, Pam Reves, Chance Little, and Haley Kern were councilmembers present along with Mayor Matt Christenson, Administrator StacyBarnes, Chief of Police Aaron Webb, and City Clerk Christy Pyatt. Mike McBeath submitted his letter of resignation on May 17, effective immediately. Christenson will look to fill the position until the term ends in January. 

Patricia Fuller, Mitzi Hesser, and Mindy Heinson were reappointed to the Greensburg Tree Board, their term runs June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2024. 

Chief Aaron Webb took the floor to discuss merging the two remaining part-time positions into one, full-time position. After much discussion, the council approved to combine the positions to hire one, full-time officer.

Webb brought another topic of discussion up to the council, the city-wide pit bull ban. There are currently a few pit bulls in town and Officer Webb has never had any problems with them. There was discussion to move away from a breed-specific ban and focus on vicious dogs instead. It was also discussed that new residents moving to town might not be aware of the ban or the fine that goes with it. The fine is not currently being enforced, but Webb would enforce whatever code the council wanted to proceed with.

City leaders agreed that the current code was not changed, but city staff will draft an ordinance that will allow the breed in the city limits, but limit it to one per family and they have to be spade or neutered. Trummel requested to add that if there is one issue with the animal, it must be removed. Officer Webb will reach out to families who have pitbulls and tell them they have to get their dogs registered. Council will review the drafted ordinance at the next meeting.