City leader Kyle Farmer conducts community meeting to hear local issues

Edward J. Naughton
Pratt Tribune
Pratt City Commissioner Kyle Farmer met with several constiuents for coffee at N'Cahoots on Saturday, June 5 in Pratt.

On Saturday morning, June 5, Kyle Farmer, Pratt City commissioner, met with three folks from Pratt who responded to his Facebook post on the site Neighbor Helping Neighbors for a community chat on current issues in town.

Farmer is a new city commissioner this year, only beginning to get into the thick of his duties, but showing enthusiam to meet and greet the public he had pledged to serve.

Farmer offered a free cup of coffee to those who joined him at N'Cahoots on an early Saturday morning to chat about future plans for the city of Pratt, covering Q-and-A type interests about things going on in the city.

An interesting discussion ensued when Farmer mentioned one item for possible future development in the city is something akin to a ‘Cody house’ type Bible-based rehabilitative program projected to be located in the old Pratt Community College football dormitory located at 4th Street and Taylor. The house where this residential program would supposedly be based has possibilities for people in need of rehabilitation while trying to recover from addiction to alcohol for instance or even drug addiction. Farmer said the program would be strictly monitored from a behavioral and substance abuse standpoint.

He said Asland Ministries is the group spear-heading the project and has approached the City of Pratt for permission to build such a program. Criteria and content per se, obviously Christian in orientation, is still in the very beginning stages of development as it pertains to Pratt, since as of yet there is no clearly defined mission coming from the project leader in Asland Ministries.

Farmer said he has talked with the project leader and also consulted with the city attorney about neighborhood-type issues that would need to be considered since the program would be placed geographically so closely to the Pratt school system.

Another hot topic over morning coffee was Farmer's perspective on community growth.

He said one of his goals is the ongoing growth of the community in a good direction where dollars are going toward excellent community development projects. Farmer said he is proud of the city pool and looks forward to the pool committee making improvements in the future.

Farmer was also happy about the developments recently made at the Green sports complex where regional baseball and softball can be played at a great facility, for which the recent installment of turf on the ball diamonds was paid for by private donations and grants obtained by the City of Pratt.

Farmer, who is originally from Topeka but he has been in Pratt about 10 years, said he is hopeful that he can gain more interest from the citizens of Pratt in regard to future Q and A sessions over coffee, perhaps putting out the word with a little more advance in the future so that more people in Pratt can plan their time to visit with him

“When I came to Pratt, I fell in love with the community,” he said. "I want to do my part to serve it well."

Farmer, and his wife Abby (a Pratt native), have a young son. He is employed as at teacher at Pratt High School.