City of Haviland considers golf cart ordinance for city street drivers

Hannah Brown
Kiowa County Signal
Visitors and citizens of Haviland are enjoying potted flowers along city streets, paid for by the City of Haviland.

The Haviland City Council met for their regular monthly meeting on May 12 at 7 p.m. Council members present were Steve Larch, Kay Unruh, and Sharon Howard. Others present were City Clerk Michelle Adams, Code Enforcement Officer Joel Halverstadt, and City Attorney Chay Howard. 

The minutes and bills were unanimously approved as presented. Michael Rainger of Brighter Communities has requested Southern Pioneer invoices from January 2020 to present in an effort to open a discussion of saving energy for the city. Shary McAfee was presented with a retirement gift. 

In New Business the council decided to postpone discussion of job descriptions until a special meeting on Monday, May 17. Michelle Adams was sworn in as the new city clerk. Sheriff Kendal Lothman recommended having an ordinance in place for the use of golf carts and UTVs on city streets. Howard will write an ordinance. Adams is continuing to work on new ways of communicating with residents including a new website, Facebook Page, notices, and emails. Ben Stewart has agreed to mow the city lawns. 

In Old Business, the council discussed the flowers on main street. Sharon Howard bought flowers and received volunteer help to get them all planted and watered. Howard was reimbursed for supplies. Alan Luttrell of EBH gave a report to update the council on the Waste Water Lagoon Project. There will be a meeting with the landowner before any decisions are made. Haviland City Council meetings will now be on the second Wednesday of the month. This change will be published online and in papers to get the word out. 

During Code Enforcement discussions it was reported that grass letters will go out. Halverstadt, CEO, wants to be done by July 1. Mayor Stokes has contacted Greensburg to explore the possibility of sharing an Animal Control Officer. The Animal Shelter License expires at the end of September. There was no executive session, it will occur at the special meeting on May 17. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.