Rain storms start in Pratt County at the beginning of July

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Storm clouds gather over Pratt, dumping much-needed moisture on an area that has seen the tail-end of wheat harvest and the beginning of a month that is normally hot and dry. Cooler temperatures were enjoyed by many after the rain on July 1.

Pratt County received a nice rain to begin the month of July that may have halted some farmers who were still harvesting wheat, but was welcomed by all.

Center Township resident Gale Rose reported 1.7 inches of rain in his gauge, adding to 0.6 inches that fell in the last few days of June.

"I went for a walk in Lemon Park and saw some large puddles in low-lying areas late that afternoon, but it didn't look like we were in any danger of flooding," he said.

Another Pratt County resident Kenny Marsh posted a rain gauge total of 2 inches from the same thunderstorm that boosted area creek levels and greened up lawns in the city and county.

Well-timed moisture likely kept the threat of wheat-stubble fires and fireworks hazards to a minimum in the next few days that followed. There were two similar fires reported on July 1 northeast of Pratt, where Preston firefighters responded to grassfield fires nust north of the Natrone church. They were quickly extinguished however, likely a job made easier by the moisture available.

Cooler temperatures also followed the rainfall, making the Fourth of July weekend a pleasant one for many.

Rain in Lemon Park made for a picturesque scene at the iron bridge on July 2 in Pratt.
Rushing water from rain runoff created rapids at the Lemon Park bridge over Ninnescah River last week in Pratt.