Travis Powell was recently announced as the 2021 KCA Girls' Track & Field Coach of the Year

Hannah Brown
Kiowa County Signal
Kiowa County High School teacher and coach Travis Powell was recently announced as the 2021 KCA Girls' Track & Field Coach of the Year.

Kiowa County High School Track Coach and Principal Travis Powell was recently announced as the 2021 KCA Girls' Track & Field Coach of the Year. Powell has previously been named coach of the year for both 1A and 2A, but this award covers all classifications. 

"This really is a nice award that comes from being recognized by other coaches and winning 10 League titles in a row is special as well, but I think winning Back-to-Back State Track & Field Championships is pretty sweet!!" Said Powell. 

Powell said he always tells his kids that football coaches are passionate about football, and basketball coaches are always passionate about basketball. He is a track and field coach, and that is what he is passionate about. Powell went on to compete at Hutchinson Community College and Emporia State University after growing up and running for the Wildcats of Minneola. He was an assistant at Ellsworth High School in 1998 under David Stonebraker, who would go on to be his mentor.Stonebraker is still in contact with Powell, and was one of the first to call and congratulate him after winning the 2019 and 2021 State Tiitles. Powell has been the head coach at Bucklin, Ellsworth, Greensburg, and currently Kiowa County. 

"I also have to give credit to my high school coach, Dan Daniels, as well as Pat Becher at Hutchinson CC and my sprint coach at ESU, Jeff Hoskisson," said Powell. "They have all contributed to my enjoyment and growth in the sport and they continued to support me when I became a coaching peer."

Obviously, the 2021 track squad was full of talent, but he says that they were also hungry to compete and show off their skills after losing all of their 2020 season due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Powell says their goal each year is the same, and that it will continue to be their goal for the future. 

"*Work as hard as you can and compete to the best of your ability in meets; *To achieve success through ability, preparation, effort, and will for each of you as individuals and as a team; *Having fun and enjoying the sport and competition of track and field," said Powell.

There is also a lot of importance put on the league meet, and trying to get as many possible athletes qualified for state. Thats the reason he got into coaching, not the awards. 

"I would say I was surprised. We have been able to get recognition for our program year-in and year-out but I didn’t start coaching for awards and recognition," says Powell. "The reward is seeing the kids get the awards and recognition."

The Lady Mavericks will seek their 3rd straight state title during the spring 2022 season led by the most recent KCA Track & Field Coach, Travis Powell.