Greensburg now requires certain breeds of dogs to be registered and fixed

Hannah Brown
Kiowa County Signal
Concerns about dangerous dogs in the city limits of Greensburg has led to some rule changes and ordinance updates that dog owners might want to take note of in Kiowa County.

The City of Greensburg recently made a change in what dogs are allowed in the city limits. Previously, there was a total ban on pit bulls along with a vicious dog ban. Now, pit bulls are allowed with some restrictions. These changes were made at the May 17 city council meeting. 

"Previously pit bulls were not allowed in the city limits at all," said Greensburg City Police Chief Aaron Webb. "Now they can have one per family, it has to be spayed or neutered, it has to be registered with the city, and any violation of the aggressive dog ordinance will result in it being immediately removed from the city." 

Webb said there are just a few pit bulls in town and they have been around for several years, but families mostly kept those dogs inside. After becoming aware of these dogs, the city decided to address the ban, because a lot of similar-sized cities have abolished their pit bull ban and have moved more towards a vicious dog ordinance. Pit bull owners have been notified of the change and the restrictions. 

"The ones we are aware of have been notified," said Webb. "Everyone has complied at this point and we've received positive feedback from the change."

Pets can be registered at the Greensburg City Hall and must be current on vaccinations. Depending on if your pet is spayed or neutered, the cost ranges from $5-$15.