Taco Delite is a hometown favorite for more than 20 years in Pratt

Breckyn Miller
Pratt Tribune
Taco Delite is a privately-owned restaurant that has been a Pratt staple for homemade Tex-Mex style food for more than 20 years.

Local customers as well as those passing through Pratt on U.S. Highway 54/400 have been finding delicious food and great customer service at Taco Delite for more than 20 years. Owner Hazel Wyer has created a family-oriented restaurant that serves popular Tex-Mex style dishes, made from scratch, with a focus on customer satifsaction.

Wyer worked for Taco Delite for 18 years before purchasing the restaurant. She said there is not much she would change because she has always loved it the way it was.

Part of her success lies in the homemade food aspect. All of the food served at Taco Delite is made from scratch and cooked fresh every time it is ordered. Some customer-favorite dishes include the combo taco, the taco burger, crustos, and more. Wyer said she hears from people all of the time who have moved away and come back to Pratt to see family, and make a special stop at Taco Delite because they love the food so much.

USD #382 teacher Rose Beilman said her son, who lives in Spokane, always makes it a point to eat at Taco Delite when he comes back to Pratt for a visit.

Wyer said that customer service is the other key to the success of Taco Delite, which has been able to keep it's doors open even through many difficulties, such as last year's COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think COVID impacted everyone, but with our customers coming to see us we have overcome it,” said owner Hazel Wyer. “We kept our doors open, kept smiling, and just carried on.”

Wyer said she was so grateful for the community suport Pratt has given Taco Delite. 

“The customers are extremely the best part of working here. They are so fun to make interactions with. They laugh and joke with us too,” Wyer said.

Along with the citizens of Pratt supporting Taco Delite, the employees make it worth it as well. Wyer said the thing she is most proud of is her employees.

“Without them I wouldn’t have a business. They are very important to the success of Taco Delite,” said Wyer.

Taco Delite’s core values in an employee are having a good personality, being responsible, and working hard. These are qualities that all employees at Taco Delite embody and this influences the culture of the restaurant.

“We are a family-oriented business, just one big family. I believe you don’t have to be blood to be family, and I am thankful for every one of them,” said Wyer.

In five years, Wyer said she hopes that Taco Delite will still be serving customers in Pratt, Kansas. She said her plan continues to be to never change the recipes and continue to serve the town of Pratt and those who come through as visitors.