First responders and emergency workers honored in Greensburg for saving a life

Edward J. Naughton
Kiowa County Signal
Chief Aaron Webb, officer Preston Capansky, and volunteer fire-fighter Peter Kern were presented with life-saving awards at the Greensburg City Meeting last week.

On the morning of April 24, 2021, an emergency 911 call came in requesting immediate medical assistance to a home in Greensburg. The man's wife said that her husband was turning blue and was dying in front of her. 

Within two minutes of that call, Greensburg police chief Aaron Webb arrived on-scene and rendered immediate medical help including resuscitation with chest compressions, and he was assisted in his life-saving efforts by Kiowa County sheriff office Sergeant Preston Capansky. Volunteer fire-fighter Peter Kern also showed up quickly to help the officers already on-scene.

On Monday, August 2, 2021, these three men, chief of police Aaron Webb, officer Capansky, and fire-fighter Kern were recognized for their heroic efforts and honored during a regular council meeting, and given letters of appreciation which resounded with applause and many thanks from the mayor Matt Christenson, city council of Greensburg and the residents of the city.

Chief Webb has recently completed his emergency medical technician certification.

The man was not only helped by the life-saving resuscitative efforts made by the first responders, but after receiving treatment locally at the hospital in Greensburg, he was subsequently transferred for further treatment and stabilization at Via Christi St. Francis Hospital in Wichita.

EMS ambulance services were provided by Kiowa County EMS.

"We have great people working for us as first responders in the city of Greensburg," said City Administrator Stacy Barnes.