Brenda's Treasures supported by loyal customers during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Jaycie Theis
Pratt Tribune
Brenda Venard chats with a customer at her store on South Main Street in Pratt.
Rosina Schmuker shops for clothing at Brenda's Treasures in Pratt.

Brenda Venard is a local business owner of the consignment store Brenda’s Treasures located on South Main St. in Pratt. Like most small-business owners, she encountered many positive and negative impacts for her store during the COVID-19 pandemice last year, and in the months that followed.

“Business can always be difficult, especially during times like these,” Venard said. "I Just kept putting out items that could bring in people and help them during that difficult time. We just had to keep on keeping on. There was not really any other option than to just push forward.”

Even though COVID-19 brought many challenges and setbacks, Venard said loyal customers kept coming through the door. Brenda’s Treasures opened up in August of 2017. Throughout the almost four years the store has been opened, many relationships have been made with customers.

“I have met a lot of people working here," said employee Haley Prosser. "Many people my mother and I have built relationships with."

Venard said there were other positives they experienced at Brenda's Treasure's as well during that time.

"The pandemic gave me and my daughter (Haley Prosser), who helps around the store, lots of time to catch up on some tasks like stocking items, pricing items, and getting organized," Venard said. “There’s a lot more behind the scenes than what people think."

In the past few months, business has picked up at Brenda’s Treasures. Things are finally getting back to normal after a year of stress and disruptions, Venard said.

“More people are coming in now than ever before,” she said. "We are always putting out different merchandise. If you’re ever in need of something and are looking for a reasonable price, we can help you find it."

Venard said she grew up going to all kinds of sales when she was younger and always enjoyed it. She liked getting things for a better price and finding good bargains. She also passed on this love for sales and thrifting to her daughter who shares her passion for finding unique items and good deals.

For those interested, Brenda's Treasures is located at 607 South Main Street, Pratt. More information is available on Facebook at Brenda’s Treasures.