Teachers receive free drinks in Pratt on Teacher Appreciation Day

By Edward J. Naughton
Pratt Tribune
Maci Roadhouse is ready to serve area teachers at N'Cahoots on the first day of school for many in Pratt.

After a difficult year of remote learning, mask wearing, and pandemic-related health restrictions in schools around the country, Pratt businesses showed their appreciation for teachers by offering free or discounted drinks on Aug. 17 for “Teacher Appreciation Day.”

Scooter’s Coffee and N’Cahoots Coffee and Shoppe both participated in the day of giving, and online posts advertising the deals of the day were shared to social media- including on the “Pratt Neighbors Helping Neighbors” Facebook page, which was created last year during the initial COVID-19 outbreak as a way for community members to ask for, offer, and receive help.

In a press release shared by the corporate media liaison for Scooter’s Coffee,  headquartered in Omaha, NE,  teachers could receive a free drink of any size by showing valid I.D. at Scooter’s Coffee participating locations to celebrate the “leadership, courage, and flexibility” of teachers.

Megan Carlson, manager for Scooter's Coffee in Pratt, said she considered the event to be a success all around.

“We love our Pratt customers,” Carlson said. “They like a variety of drinks on our menu, both hot and cold alike."

Over on Main Street, N’Cahoots Coffee and Shoppe also participated in the day by offering a 15% discount on drinks or lunch purchases.

Georgianna Nusz, owner of N’Cahoots, said that the locally-owned business loves teachers and has offered a teacher appreciation day every year that the business has been open-- almost four years.

Nusz said this teacher appreciation discount is usually offered the day before USD 382 starts for the year.

“I know we had a good number of teachers come in that day, but [I] know many don’t ask for the discount as they also want to support our small business,” Nusz said. “We try to support the schools and teachers as much as we can.”

This support includes providing pots of coffee for special school events, and this year, N’Cahoots also started a “pass it forward” card for teachers where customers can add money to gift cards to purchase drinks for teachers in the shop.

“This card will stay in the shop and customers can add any amount to it,” Nusz said. “We will do our best to bless different teachers as we can. We also have our caffeine and kindness wall where customers can leave a gift of coffee for a specific teacher or student-- they just prepay for what they want to gift.”

Macie Roadhouse, an employee at N’Cahoots, said that it is common for teachers to use the money they would have spent on the coffee they received for free to “pass it forward.”

AdoptAClassroom.org states that on average, many teachers spend around $750 a year on supplies out of their own pockets. “Teacher Appreciation Day” was started as a way to give back to educators and thank them for their work as schools around the country enter the new academic year.

Macie Roadhouse, employee of N'Cahoots Coffee and Shoppe, is ready to serve teachers as part of a special promotion there last week on the first day of school.
Megan Carlson, manager for Scooter's Coffee in Pratt.