Hundreds celebrate Fire Chief Cody Sherer’s life

By Edward J. Naughton
Kiowa County Signal
Fire department representatives from around south-central Kansas paid tribute to their fallen comrade, Mullinville Fire Chief Cody Sherer on August 20, 2021 in Kiowa County.
The ladder truck from City of Pratt Fire Department presented the flag in honor of Mullinville's Fire Chief Cody Sherer who passed away earlier in August this year.

Hundreds of family, friends, and fellow firemen gathered to celebrate the life of Kiowa County District Fire Chief, Cody Alan Sherer, on Aug. 20, 2021 at the Kiowa County Community Building in Greensburg.

Sherer passed away suddenly in his home in Mullinville on Aug. 14, 2021.

In addition to being district fire chief for the county of Kiowa, Sherer was also fire chief of the Mullinville Volunteer Fire Department. His service in the profession of firefighting and fire prevention spanned two full decades.

C.J. McFadden, fellow Mullinville Volunteer Fire Department firefighter, said, "he was like the energizer bunny-- full throttle."

When he was barely out of high school at the age of 18, Sherer was remembered for being relentless in his determined course, inspiring others with his actions and his example. He was known for having an uncanny ability to lead with intelligence and linear thought while others may have preferred to just follow.

Leanna Banzet, employee at the Mullinville Cafe, said, "as the district fire chief, Cody was always there when we needed him."

Sherer was a professional farmer, rancher, firefighter, and father of two daughters--Emerson and Addison. He was known for quietly leading others and setting a standard of life and practice all of his own.

David Allison, close friend of Chief Sherer, said, "Cody did more good for this world in his short 38 years than most of us could do in 100 years. He has left big shoes to fill and I guess those shoes will never be completely filled."

Minister Jeff Blackburn officiated at the memorial service.

"When Greensburg was in trouble in the aftermath of May 4, 2007, he practically lived in Greensburg to make sure they had everything they needed as they struggled to recover in those weeks that followed," Blackburn said.

May 4, 2007 was the day when an EF-5 tornado hit Greensburg, killing 11 people, injuring over 60, and causing millions of dollars in damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure.

Sherer was remembered for being passionate about his community and its safety, instituting procedures and obtaining necessary equipment throughout his tenure that would enhance the ability of the department he led to successfully fight or prevent fires.

His goal was to get the Mullinville Volunteer Fire Department equipped and running with everything it needed to protect the town of Mullinville and help the residents of Kiowa County. Today, the fire department benefits from the active participation of the 12 volunteers who remain dedicated to its mission.

The City of Pratt was one of many Fire and EMS Departments from around the area to send trucks and representatives that set up a special tribute for Sherer, in honor of his years of service to Kiowa County.