The Crazy Mule: It's a love affair between a woman and her restaurant

Courtney Blankenship
Kiowa County Signal
Ruth McFarland checks her register tape as a busy lunchday nears a slower point at the Crazy Mule in Greensburg.
A large windmill head on the ceiling is just one of the many interesting features to be seen at the Crazy Mule Restaurant, a popular eating place in Greensburg.
A colorful corner of baking items and unique collectibles for sale can be found near the entrance of the Crazy Mule Restaurant in Greensburg.

Many restaurants around the country have experienced hard times in the past months while dealing with pandemic rules, employee shortages and supply issues, but at the Crazy Mule restaurant in Greensburg, owner Ruth McFarland said her experience during the pandemic has been very positive.

McFarland said that keeping close tabs on her food suppliers has helped her business, as well as staying informed and current on information every day. McFarland’s son, Nathan McFarland, serves as assistant manager for the restaurant.

“My beef comes from a guaranteed source, my brother Luke Hoeme,” McFarland said. “I don't think he will ever go on strike like Tyson and Frito-Lay to name a few. And, you sure can't run a restaurant or two without quality food products.”

McFarland said she is thankful that the Crazy Mule stays extremely busy-- especially on Sundays when four or five entrees are offered as part of the Sunday Buffet.

“It is an accumulation of 15 plus years of experience and lots and lots of mistakes, persistence, and simply showing up every single day, rain, snow or shine,” McFarland said. “Keeping your head in the game day after day after day after day is an absolute must.”

While ribeye steaks are available anytime, McFarland said customers especially enjoy them on weekends.

“Our busiest time is our lunch run. We offer a variety of entrees on our all-you-can-eat buffet that includes our Fabulous Salad and dessert bar,” McFarland said. “Customers can also enjoy our menu items and breakfast all day.”

No masks or vaccines are required to enter the restaurant or to be employed at the restaurant.

“A huge part of our success is simply being open seven days a week, and of course, having the best food from east to west and north to south,” McFarland said.

Due to its convenient and accessible location, McFarland said the restaurant gets a lot of travelers passing through the area.

While McFarland said that good help can sometimes be difficult to find, she said the restaurant has loyal employees.

“I completely 100% love my restaurant, and my personality shines through from the moment you enter its double doors,” McFarland said.