Pratt Family Practice gains new doctor with Kansas roots and connections

Edward J. Naughton
Pratt Tribune
Dr. Hannah Vogt is a new family medicine physician at Pratt Family Practice. She began seeing patients last month in Pratt.

Dr. Hannah Vogt, family medicine specialist, joined the staff at Pratt Family Practice last month and is currently accepting new patients.

Vogt, who graduated from Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kans., with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 2014, and then from Kansas University School of Medicine, Wichita campus in 2018, said she believes in healthcare accessibility for everyone regardless of age, socioeconomic status, or race.

When going to college and choosing her major which was pre-med, Vogt thought at first she would end up changing her major to some other area of study, but the medical field seemed to be an open door for her.

"I initially went to college premed, though I always thought I would find something else and change my major," she said. "While in the process of doing all of that coursework, and, as I got closer and closer to medical school, I just kept loving all of those courses. In getting exposure to the medical field those opportunities kept opening up, so I just kind of kept walking through doors as they opened."

Pointing to the wide variety of age groups that a doctor trained in her specialty sees on a daily basis, Vogt said caring for people as they age is a kind of joy unique in a family medicine practice.

"We get to take care of babies, we get to take care of women in pregnancy, and patients in general as they grow up," Vogt said.

She also said she has a special fondness for senior patients.

"I love seniors whether they reside in nursing homes, or whether they are 90 years old and walking laps around me," she said.

Vogt said she believes in the power of family. She was raised in Newton, Kansas, and said her parents really enjoy travel ventures in and out of Kansas, and especially enjoy the scenes of majestic nature found in many places like national parks in the USA. Vogt has a sister who lives in Wichita and she said she looks forward to visits with her on occasion when away from the office.

Vogt recently moved to Pratt and said she has found the community as a whole to be more than welcoming. She may be reached at Pratt Family Practice, 203 Watson St, Ste 200. For appointments call 620-672-7422.