Quilters invited to St. John to hear about quilt history and care, share personal quilts

Jennifer Stultz
St. John News
Marceline Masten shows Martha Cutright the many heritage quilts at the Stafford County Historical Society museum. The museum is open to the public daily from 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM.

Marceline Masten, head curator at the Stafford County Historical Society Museum's quilt room, knows the ins and outs of quilting and quilt history. She will be the featured speaker at the Sandyland Shepherd's Center's 1st Annual Quilt Show on October 27 at the Stafford County Annex in St. John.

Masten has been working to organize, display and preserve the historical quilts that have been donated to the museum over the years. Every type of quilt is represented in this collection. Masten recently showed Martha Cutright, director of Sandyland Shepherd's Center programs, the quilts housed at the museum. The quilt room is open to the public during regular museum hours or by appointment.

Cutright said she was excited to bring the area quilters into the spotlight for the day, providing an opportunity to view the work of other quilt enthusiasts and learn more about the history of quilting.

“We hope that people from Stafford county and surrounding counties will come and share their quilts, or just to participate in the event," Cutright said. "We are encouraging people to bring a quilt to share, whether they are personally created or heirlooms that are part of your family history, we'd love to see them."

Exhibitor request forms are available at Sandyland Shepherd's Center, 110 E. 3rd Avenue in St. John or by calling 620-549-6351.

Admission to the quilt show is $5 and includes the quilt exhibits, lunch and program. Admission is free for those who display a quilt. All proceeds from tickets and the quilt auction go to educational activities at the Sandyland Shepherd's Center and are tax deductible.

1st Annual Quilt Show

October 27, 2021

11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Stafford County Annex, 210 E. 3rd Avenue, St. John, KS


9- 11 a.m. Quilt Display set up

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Quilt Display Viewing

Silent Auction for Donated Quilts

12 noon Lunch and Program “Quilts: Piecing Together History”

1 p.m. Silent Auction Winning Bids Announced