Turquoise Ranch Boutique features trendy, western fashion at three locations, including Pratt

Misty Hennessee
Pratt Tribune
Ammorea Williams, part-time worker at Turquoise Ranch, advertises an outfit that she put together in the store.
One of the many outfits at Turquoise Ranch, a clothing boutique owned by Jennifer Greenleaf with outlets in Pratt, Greensburg and Dodge City. All feature Texas-fashion styles, along with jewelry and accessories.

Turquoise Ranch Boutique has a fun, Aztec style that is unmatched by any other business located in Pratt, Kansas. It is described as a small boutique for women’s western apparel.

This boutique in Pratt is located in between N’Cahoots Coffee and Shoppe and The Peoples Bank on Main Street.

This clothing store, owned by Jennifer Greenleaf, originated in Greensburg 12 years ago, part of a business-startup in the incubator building for Kiowa County. She started with just $5,000 investment.

"The hardest challenge has always been trying to find help," Greenleaf said.

On the other hand, Turquoise Ranch, now has a presence in three towns (Pratt, Greensburg and Dodge City) and all fronts are doing well, Greenleaf said.

“Business will continue to rise in the upcoming months due to the holidays,” she said.

Greenleaf said that she chose to begin her business for a particular purpose.

“I wanted to offer trendy, western fashion to the people in southwest Kansas, and I couldn’t imagine myself working under another person for the rest of my life,” she said.

The three stores she now owns keep her very busy. When she is not helping a customer, she is purchasing merchandise, paying bills, answering emails, shipping out merchandise, and balancing books for all three of her stores. Greenleaf said her overall goal is to make sure that everything runs smoothly for customers, her employees, and herself.

She has spent years trying to find the best brands. She said that it was all about trial and error, the best way to find the best products. If she finds a product that she doesn’t like, she throws it out and tries something else.

"I have my own vibe, my own uniqueness to my store that is totally different from all other stores in Pratt," she said. "None of the other stores in town have a really trendy, Texas fashion.”

Strong community support has helped her reach her dreams of business ownership, even during the difficult times of the COVID pandemic.

“I’ve been running my business for 12 years now, and I have a great relationship with customers all over the United States," Greenleaf said. "I even have a website that ships out all over the country and Canada, and I couldn’t have done it without all of the help that I have received from my community."

Ammorea Williams, one of Greenleaf’s part-time employees, began working at Turquoise Ranch a little over a month ago. She said she chose to start working at this particular business due to her love for everything fashion, especially when it comes to western wear.

“One thing that many people don’t know about this store is that we have incredible jewelry that is handmade,” she said. “I believe that this business makes people feel good about themselves and really helps to make women feel beautiful."

Greenleaf said her goal over the next year is to continue to grow online, while continuing the core values of Turquoise Ranch, which are to offer great customer service to everyone and to always provide high quality products.

She said she advertises new products and special sales through social media on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and VIP Facebook.