International students choose Pratt as home away from home

Gale Rose
Pratt Community College International students Kalina Todorovska of Skopje, Macedonia and Sonja Killough of Koper, Slovenia were recently inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at PCC. A number of international students attend PCC with many participating on sports teams.

Students at Pratt Community College come from all over Kansas and from states across the country. While some live close enough to go home on any give weekend, others, like members of the PCC men's basketball team who live in Indiana, Tennessee and New York, traveling home isn't as practical.

For most international students, going home during the school year would mean traveling thousands of miles.

At a recent induction ceremony for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at PCC, a handful of inductees shared about their homes homes that are thousands of miles from Pratt.

Two of those inductees are Kalina Todorovska of Skopje, Macedonia and Sonja Killough of Koper, Slovenia.

Many students choose PCC because its close to home, its less expensive then a four year college or it has a desirable technical program or sports team. But to pack up and move half way around the world to come to PCC or any other American college or university takes some true commitment from the student.

Killough, moved to Pratt to attend PCC because her father, Eric Killough, was already in town, working as the Pratt Public Library director, a position he started in December of 2018.

Though considered a foreign student because of her birthplace, Killough said she moved to Pratt specifically to be with her father. While she was in Pratt, she took a one semester of courses online at PCC. She liked the courses so much, she decided to enroll and attend PCC in person, Killough said.

Killough has excelled in her classes at PCC and was recently inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Todorovska's journey to PCC came through the sports program and the Lady Beavers Volleyball team. Sports recruiters in foreign nations keep tabs on outstanding athletes. They spend many hours watching video of athletes in many sports. Athletes also have to have good academic success to be considered for playing in the U.S.

One such recruiter saw Todorovska's volleyball skills and through a series of connections, hooked her up with the PCC team.

As for her academics, Todorovska said she currently has a 4.0 GPA and was recently inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Todorovska is just one of more than 30 international students actively involved with PCC sports. Others include:

In baseball - Andres Perez of Cuauhtemco, Mexico; Jake Carroll of Rawdon, Quebec, Canada; Waldemar Fernandez of Caguas, Puerto Rico, Yibriel Martinez of Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, Ryan McFarland of Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Quinn Tocheniuk of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada; Jacob Brault of Blainville, Quebec, Canada.

In soccer (men’s team) - Clayton Scott of Euchuca, Australia; Declan McKay of Portsoy, Scotland; Max King of London, England; Benjamin Jones of Derby England; Charlie Cartwright of Leeds, England, Andrea Migliozzi of Guardiagrele, Italy; Joe Brett of Ipswich, England; Emre Turuscu of Cambridge, England; Cassio Murilo Fortes of Port Alegre, Brazil; Davan Duggan-Flynn of Waterford, Ireland; Nadir Cano-Lorente of Mallorca, Spain; Callum, Milne of Alyth, Scotland; Samuel Newey of Birmingham, England; Vincenzo Doebber of Port Alegre, Brazil;

Basketball women - Eva Sanchez of Canovanas, Puerto Rico.

Soccer women - Isabella Battaglia of Melbourne, Australia.

Volleyball - Kalina Todorovska of Skopje, Macedonia.

In cross country - Sophie Fabre of Montpellier, France; Maya Miller-Herron of Nassau, The Bahamas; Aaliyah Mitchell of Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago;

And in track and field: Patricia Brown of Lawrence Park, Jamaica; Che Lara of Arima, Trinidad; Maya-Angela Miller, Nassau, The Bahamas; Aaliyah Mitchell of Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago; Kadesha Prescott of Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.