Kansas Gas purchases supplies for Pratt geometry class

Kahrie Stegman
Kansas Gas Service has covered the full amount of money for supplies needed by Pratt High School's Geometry in Construction class, and students hope to put it to good use on their mobile Frog Shop soon.

In their first year of offering the Geometry in Construction class at Pratt High School, Melissa and Tim Rector have already received a grant for supplies needed. Kansas Gas Service contacted Pratt High Principal Steve Blankenship telling him they had a grant available that no one had yet applied for. Throughout the first year of this class, the Rectors found that there were some materials they didn’t have that they needed, so they applied to get a grant for these supplies.

Kansas Gas Service replied within one day of applying and covered the full amount of money for the supplies, $1,626.75. These supplies include safety gear, calculators, a ladder, and more.

As soon as the grant was awarded, shipments started being made, and some have already come in.

A message to the Rectors said, "Kansas Gas Service is proud to support students and educators in the Pratt School District through DonorsChoose. We celebrate with you as the classroom experience is impacted in ways that help develop tomorrow's workforce.”

One of the projects the class was working on before the cancellation of school was the mobile Frog Shop: a shop that can be moved to Pratt events to sell Greenback gear.

Since Geometry in Construction is a hands-on class, their way of teaching has been greatly affected by COVID-19.

“This has halted all progress on the mobile Frog Shop, while also taking away the experience of learning math by doing,” Tim Rector said. “The students are still learning geometry, and construction, just not getting the opportunity to reinforce it hands-on.”

Rector looks forward to working with the students in person again.

“We miss seeing the students every day, and hope everyone is safe and we can return to school as soon as it is safe,” Rector said.