Watching cats and wondering why

Gale Rose
Pratt Tribune
A pair of cats stare at each other without moving on a lawn on North Main in Pratt. Why they were locked into each other is unknown but they were dedicated to staring and not moving. It made for interesting, momentary entertainment. Photo by Gale Rose

You know things are serious when even the animals are practicing social distancing.

Isaw a pair of alley cats on North Main in Pratt face off on a lawn the other day and it was rather fascinating. They just stared at each other without saying a thing. Or at least I couldn't hear anything from my car.

The gray cat stood with tail close to its body and kept its eyes on the yellow cat lying on the lawn. The yellow cat's fur looked like it was ruffled up or wet.

Whatever the condition of the fur, both cats kept their eyes focused on each other and never seemed to move. I first spied this standoff as I drove up North Main. I was too far past them to get a good picture so I circled the block, hoping they would still be there. I realized this also says something about how much I needed to have something to do rather than sit at home and work from the west end of the dining room table. But I digress.

I circled the block and there they were, still standing and sitting like statues. I got a couple of pictures and watched for a while but neither cat made a move. The stare was intense. It was as if both were waiting for the other to make a move and didn't want to blink or they might miss it.

There are times it would handy to be Dr. Dolittle, the man who could talk to the animals, and find out just what was going on here. Did one of the cats cross into another cats territory? Was there a dispute over who would get first dibs at a fresh bowl of milk? Was there another cat that had come between these best of friends? Maybe one was a bully and wouldn't let the other leave.

Whatever the cause, these cats held fast to their spots and weren't going to be the first one to budge.

It's all speculation but one thing is for certain, never challenge either of these cats to a staring contest.

I watched, thinking one or both would move but the staring match continued.

I finally decided to leave and let them work out whatever they needed to work out. I took one last look in my rear view mirror and they were still there.

So, this is for all you cat lovers out there. Maybe you can figure out why these two were locked in a visual stare down. Maybe they were just practicing social distancing but my guess is it was something much more basic.

I think they did it just because they are cats and that is all the reason they need.