New Year's Resolutions in Pratt

Jeanette Siemens
Yoga classes are a "must" inclusion for Jeanette Siemens 2020 list of New Years Resolutions.

Here we are entering not only a new year but a new decade.  It's the time of year that we think about starting fresh, making resolutions to make our lives better and so on. In preparation I went online to see some of the most common resolutions to help me get started.

1.   Of course we should start with losing 5 pounds. What's a New Year's resolution list without losing weight?

2.  Exercise more. I like to think I do that anyway. I go to exercise at the Blythe Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and take a yoga class of Tuesday and Thursdays.   I really miss them if for some reason I don't go, so probably will continue, but am going to leave on the list because it's important.   Also just sounds like it should be included.

3.  Then how about getting rid of some more of that "stuff" that is in the drawers, basement and closets.  

The problem is how am I going to do that without getting carried away thinking about why I just MIGHT need it again, want to show it to someone else or just have to "think about it. "

4.  I don't smoke so don't have to include that one.    

5.  Learn something new.   Now what might that be?  Possibly learn how to understand someone who views things totally different than I do.  That doesn't mean I have to agree, but at least respect another viewpoint. (I am wondering what would happen if our legislators would do that?  Possibly figure out how to work together?)    Just a thought.  

6.  Eat healthier and diet…I think I covered that in number 1. I am going to pretend I did anyway.

7.  Manage finances better. Sounds good doesn't it?  

8.  Spend more time with family.   That one I really want on my list, particularly as grandchildren are graduating and moving into adulthood.   Time is such a commodity, I will try to use it effectively making sure to take time to enjoy.

9.  Travel to new places.   That is going to include some visits in our state of Kansas such as the newly opened New Jerusalem in northeast Kansas and the Kansas Sampler's Big Road Trip in Northeast Kansas in early May.

10.  Daily thank God for good health, precious friends and community and the opportunity to continue to be involved.   

Happy New Year everyone!    I wish you a fantastic 2020.