Share the Good News in these trying times

Bill Proctor
Pratt Tribune
Bill Proctor is an octenogenarian who shares his faith in God with others, and encourages others to do the same.

I feel this Romans 1:16 verse from the Bible: “Be not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is power ofr of God for salvation!” takes the guesswork out of how we are to behave amidst a sin-filled world.

To hear the scramble for thoughtless power in the media, those who are declaring American is no longer a Christian nation, it must be confusing to our children and grandchildren.

Some my try to tell who’s right from who’s wrong withing the same exchange of ideas, but those of us who have lived the truth must be willing to share our experiences with those who have not.

To re-write history books, to even eliminate parts of history that may be upsetting to some, as some states are doing, is foolhardy.

Why did the Holy Bible  withstand the eons of time and why does it remain the most-read book of all time?

It is because it contains truth!

As life-time members of the Gideon organization, my wife and I have felt how others search for this truth when our groups hand out scriptures to eager grade school children.

Many times this treasure is the first book they own. Sometimes it is the first acquaintance they make with the Word of God.

The Navigators, a group we find helpful, has a trademark motto that reads: To know Christ, make him known and help others do the same.

This is futher reason to not be ashamed of the Gospel, particularly now as evidence of Communism and Socialism abounds in our society.

The Communison we vaved against in the 60s has re-emerged with glamour and appeal. This devious thinking denies private property ownership for those who have worked hard for that right. It provides distribution of personal property to community ownership and supports the persecution of Christians. It denies God exists, fueling atheism. And it encourages the deadly sin of envy based on the destructive “us verses them” leadership.

Our Christian culture is at risk and we not must be ashamed to be Christians. 

Now is the time, more than ever to share the Good News, the experiences of the good fight, the purposeful life and the joys of keeping faith in the one who cares for us all p Christ Jesus.