Moved by the Holy Spirit: Seeking God is of upmost importance today

John Cromer
Pratt Tribune
Pratt citizen John Cromer believes all need to take a look at their spiritual lives as the world seems headed for end-times, according to his interpretation of current events.

The Holy Spirit has prompted me to write my thoughts over the last few months, at first every few days, but I am moved to speak as now I am prompted daily. In my  spirit I know it is the Holy Spirit which moves me as I view what is happening in the United States and the world with COVID-19. It all brings me back to the living Word and a similar time when the Holy Spirit spoke to me in May of 2008.

As I was preparing to leave our Sunday morning church services, the Holy Spirit said to me, “The United States of America is going to become a third-world county.”

I did not hear an audible word, but it was crystal clear in my understanding that it was the Holy Spirit.

I have always believed it is very important to separate our flesh from the Spirit. If there is any doubt or questioning, my experiences have taught me to go to intercessory prayer for whatever length of time be it, a day, a week, or even months, before I get confirmation.

The word of the Holy Spirit, as God, to us will always be confirmed. If we do not get that confirmation, then it is our flesh deceiving us. I believe when we look back in hindsight, whether it be a year or longer, we will see that COVID-19 will be the most catastrophic event to occur in our nation since the Civil War of 1861. Not the disease, but the aftermath will be horrendous.

Battered wives, battered children, suicide, people with mental health issues, all of these things will be exacerbated.

Children who were receiving meals twice a day at school will go hungry. I believe the damage done by our schools closing and locking down will be incalculable.

I believe the most devastating effects of COVID-19 will be the drag on our economy and the opportunity for government (local and national) to control every aspect of our lives.

The stay-at-home order that closed family businesses and returned positive COVID-19 patients from hospitals to nursing homes in New York and New Jersey infected the most vulnerable, as well as their caretakers. Tens of thousands died from this practice alone. How were the policies enforced on our citizens different from  that of a police state, which creates the definition of a third-world country. They were not.

My son, who is 32 years younger than myself, scoffed  at me when I told him my fears for our country and the coming demise. But he has since come to me and said, “Dad we are beoming a banana republic.” His definition of a third-world country.

A nation is much like a marriage. If a couple is divided on issues such as religious beliefs, parental guidance of children, morality, finances, etc., the marriage will fail or be a catastrophic experience for the couple, and a difficult example and atmosphere for children to grow up in. At this time our political parties are like a bad marriage. The Republicans and Democrats are in full body armor, attacking each other as mortal enemies, if we are to believe what we see and hear in the news each day.

The Bible says the sins of the parents will be passed on to the third and fourth generations. Yes, God is a patient and long-suffereing entity, and loves sinners which means each and every one of us, but in time He will declare enough is enough, just as with Sodom and Gomorrah, and His full wrath will come forth. We will suffer the sins of our governing parties follies.

As American suffered during the great depression of the 1930s and as Hitler was ravaging Europe, a large number, maybe a majority of Americans did not want to enter World War II to protect our fellow brothers in England and Europe. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor we instantly came together with one goal-Save America. In the ensuing 75 years, we have become divided over civil rights, abortion, sexual orientation, and more.

I did not believe we could come together as a nation, but as we did in 1941, but 9-11 proved me wrong.

Once again, all of American stood side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder, and it wasn’t a Democratic or Republican moment. People filled churches seeking something that could ease their fears. But there was no bread in the church, as in spiritual nourishment, or preaching from the pulpit about what a mighty God we serve.

I thought possible the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes 9-11 look like a walk in the park, could be a catalyst to bring us back together as a people, but that is not happening.

Instead we seem to be attacking each other more and more each day. This is taking us deeper into becoming a third-world country. The more we fight amoung ourselves, the more rights we lose. Our freedom is at stake.

It is time to repent to God, to fall on our faces and ask God for forgiveness, as a nation, as a people, as a country. We must respect God, and with our respect show our love of God, so that He will hear us as we ask for mercy. The America we are leaving for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren is in shambles and it appears the most difficult times are yet ahead.

We must pray for our leaders and our nation daily. And I ask for believers and people who do not know Christ personally to unite in interceding for America. We must ask for courage to face the troubling times ahead.

And we can be thankful to our Father God for His faithfulness, patience and unfailing love for us, if we would just listen to Holy Spirit as it moves us, and fall on our faces in humility and prayer.

Like God spared Ninevah, the capital city of Assyrian empire in the Old Testament of our Bibles, how much more would he do for our country of American, if only we would look to Him and seek His face. Not to just say we are sorry or ask for forgiveness, but to truly repent as David did in sackcloth and ashes as he lay prostrate before the Lord seven days and nights. God not only forgave him of murder and adultery, but called David “a man after my own heart.”

Even the  ungodly king of Ninevah required his entire city, himself, all men, women and children, even animals to fast with no food or water, in repentence seeking God’s forgiveness. And God listened. They did what God required and He withheld destruction from their entire city.

The issue for America is that we call ourselves a Christian nation, but that is not true anymore. We must go back to the Holy Word found so easily in our Bibles and learn from history, no destroy it, but learn from it. And we must learn to respect one another to love unconditionally. The directions to a better life are found in the pages of the Christian Bible. 

A good place to start is with the following: “In humility, consider others as more important than yourselves,” Phillipians 2:3.