Vision, financial acumen traits admired in Shumway for county commission

Pratt Tribune

Political letter

Dear Editor:

I consider Pratt and Pratt County my home, and I keep updated on the news. Recently, I noticed that Darrell Shumway is a candidate for the Pratt County Commission, and I’m adding my personal endorsement of his candidacy.

For 30 years Darrell has served the public as a PCC trustee, a Kansas trustee leader and the chair of the national trustee group. In each of those positions, his leadership, innovation and vision led to improved quality of service, advocacy, transparency and open communication with his constituents.

During my 25 years as PCC president, time and again did Darrell emphasize that we all worked for the citizens of Pratt County. That meant before considering a policy position, our first consideration was how will that affect them. The results of those policy positions were increased stewardship in terms of overall costs, innovative practices to reduce costs and our achieving our objectives within available resources.

His strong ogranizational and management skills, analytical judgment and ability to develop and oversee budgets forced the administration to make operational decisions with a strong consideration of how those decisions affected taxes. His acuman for strict financial management made us all aware that affecting the tax base was a last resort.

Darrell is a lifelong Pratt resident who consistently volunteers for community projects. He is a person of integrity, is candid andhas the vision and the ability to make it happen while paying attention to associated costs.

These are the qualities and strengths that Darrell Shumway will bring to the Pratt County gvernance.

William A. Wojciechowski, Ed.D., Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Past PCC President