Shumway has energy, patience and experience for county position

Pratt Tribune

Political letter

Dear Editor:

Strong and effective leadership is so important to our rural Kansas communities. Often this important leadership comes from a successfully elected politician. Today it is my privilege to consider what makes a successful politician and note my opportunities to share and witness how Mr. Darrell Shumway is such a person.

I, like you in Pratt County, have had opportunity to support and work for the success of a community college (Colby Community College) and specifically the education provided to train our citizens and at the same time balance the local taxes required to support a community college. What a rare opportunity to work with local PCC trustee Darrell Shumway while I served as Vice Chair of the Kansas Senate Education Committee, as Kansas Lt. Governor with responsibility for Education Policy, and as a U.S. Senator continuing to support education. Ultimately I was appointed to serve as Executive Director of the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees. Darrell, along with a trustee from each of the other 18 community colleges, worked tirelessly to created a new organization to assure a strong voice for these colleges in the legistlature and with the executive branch.

Darrell moved to the national level and represented Kansas at the American Association of Community Colleges in Washington D.C. He served in many capacities and ultimately became chair of this organization. He was elected by his peers. He has learned how to work with others who represent many varying colleges and communities. No one could have more enthusiasm and drive to complete a mission after the goals are identified.

Through working with Darrell I have learned he has integrity and will put his mind, heart and feet into any project he supports. This has taken much energy and patience. I can wholeheartedly support Darrell Shumway as he seeks to work within the structure of the Pratt County Commission.

Sheila Frahm

US Senate