Schwartz bases H-Q recommendation on integrity and insight

Pratt Tribune

Political letter

Dear Editor:

I am writing to ask voters to support Donna Hoener-Queal for the Kansas House of Representatives.  I served with Donna on Pratt Achievement Place board and appreciated her insightful questions, careful listening, and sincere dedication to our goals of helping youth. Donna is an incredibly hard worker, using her talents in her career in court services, her business with her husband, and her catering business.  I worked closely with her when our family hired her to cater a meal for my mom’s 100th birthday. She offered to use her own china, not plastic or paper, to honor Mom— her past teacher and friend. That special touch absolutely delighted Mom. Donna’s attention to detail, willingness to give extra effort, and heart for serving others is evident in all she does. I know she will take those same qualities to Topeka as our Representative.  

Finally, I want to address Donna’s integrity.  She is supported by Kansans who know her well and highly respect her intelligence and integrity, not an out-of-state special-interest group masking donors and their agenda.  The late Greg Lewis, our respected District 113 Representative, said of the Kansas House,  “This is not the house of special interest. This is the People’s House…”  Donna is running to keep it the “People’s House” by listening to your ideas and concerns and serving you with great energy and integrity.   I assure you, Donna is not controlled by an outside group whose agenda is not in the best interests of our rural Kansas district.  I urge you to vote for Donna Hoener-Queal in the Kansas primary on August 4.