Fairchild will protect life and rights of all ages

Pratt Tribune

Political letter

Dear Editor:

I support Brett Fairchild as the Republican candidate for the 113th District Kansas House of Representatives. Brett is a hard-working Stafford county farmer who knows the needs of our farmers and how agribusiness drives our local economy. He knows that we also rely on all businesses in our communities to form a healthy economy. That is why Brett will be a strong advocate for all businesses to help us grow a healthy Kansas economy. He values being fiscally conservative and will work hard to eliminate wasteful spending from the state budget. He plans to work on reforming the state’s property tax system to address concerns over the property tax burden and he will oppose new taxes. As a past legislative aide, he is familiar with the Kansas House. This will help him to have a head-start. He has had a chance to see the Legislative process from an inside perspective while still being somewhat of an outsider. That gave him the opportunity to be more objective in his knowledge of what needs to be done in Topeka. I know Brett to be level headed and thoughtful about his decision making. He is a Christian who sees the need to protect all life from conception to death. This part of his life led him to formulate his strong pro-life stance, while protecting the rights of all ages. Brett has a true desire to serve all the people in the 113th District of the Kansas House and to listen to your concerns, whether you are still working or retired. If elected he will serve us well. I would ask you to vote for Brett Fairchild in the August 4th primary election for our representative to the Kansas House of Representatives, 113th District.

Jeff Taylor

Pratt, Kansas