Letter to the Editor: Shumway clarifies position

Pratt Tribune
Vote for Darrell Shumway, Pratt County Commission

Dear Editor:

It has been brought to my attention that comments have been made that if I were elected Pratt County Commissioner I would start funneling tax money to Pratt Community College. The mission of Pratt Community College is to provide a learning environment for the students that attend so that they may better their lives and become productive citizens that contribute to

their communities. The role of a College trustee is to hire an administration, faculty and staff and to provide facilities so this mission can be accomplished. The college receives NO money from the county commission.

The role of a county commission is to provide an infrastructure that will provide the residents of the county with safe roads and bridges, life and safety departments, to supervise all county departments and to provide funds to accomplish the provisions of State Statute 19-212.

The roles of a Community College Trustee and a County Commissioner are completely different and separated.

As a Community College Trustee I governed within that authority. As a Pratt County Commissioner I will govern within that authority.

If elected as your county commissioner of the 3 rd district I will represent all residents of Pratt County to the best of my ability.

Darrell Shumway

Pratt resident