Columnist experiences truth in advertising

Brandon Case
Pratt Tribune
Pratt columnist experienced truth in advertising when he needed help from inteGreen Services, Inc.

If you have electrical, plumbing or heating/air-conditioning issues, you can’t go wrong in choosing inteGreen Services.

Based in Pratt since 2010, this local company always provides prompt, affordable and courteous service, at least based on my experience.

I started using inteGreen as my go-to provider for the aforementioned services when our HVAC system broke down one hot summer day in July about 10 years ago. The installation back then of a highly-efficient HVAC system was completed soon after I chose their bid as the lowest one. There was an issue with this system not long after its installation, and a technician from inteGreen came out and the problem was soon resolved, at no extra cost.

That has been my experience over the years. This company is not trying to milk the consumer for all he/she is worth. If there is an issue related to recent work at your home, then the issue will be fixed. If it’s related to work done by the company, there will be no additional charge. Even in a couple of instances where it was an unrelated issue, I wasn’t charged, like a recent problem with a breaker that kept tripping, mysteriously. I thought it might be related to a new breaker box that was put in a year or so before. Nick Blasi of inteGreen tested the breaker but was unable to determine the source of the problem. In any case, I wasn’t billed for his short visit.

Over the years, I have received some good advice from inteGreen employees, like the plumber who told me to dump a cup or two of table salt into our downstairs toilet every day for a week and then weekly thereafter (letting it sit awhile in the toilet before flushing it just before bedtime) to help eliminate the chronic issue of tree roots growing into our main sewer line This has been effective, and we have had a lot less visits to rod out the sewer lines since then, as long as I remember to do this.

I hope inteGreen will be around for a long time, as I trust this company, and I also feel like I am billed a fair price for their labor.

As their website states: “There are never any surprises with us. We provide honest pricing and discuss everything with the customer before any work begins. You'll never receive add-ons or surprises with us.”

That is truth in advertising. I can definitely attest to its veracity as someone who has used this company numerous times over the years.