Faith perspective: Only Jesus can guarantee satisfaction

William Proctor
Pratt Tribune
William Proctor, November 9, 1938 - December 28, 2020

I recall my father’s disappointment in his first ball-point pen that was to replace his ink-dipped one. In school we had ink wells on our desks until we graduated to pencils.  In first grade we were missing floor mats so we didn’t need naps anymore after kindergarten. And so we learned that changes  in our lives don’t always bring satisfaction, although we would like to think so at times.

Time-honored changes are faulted, with misunderstandings or misinterpretations, until satisfaction is achieved. This tends to be true from the time of creation until God sent his only son to redeem us “earthlings” from a sin-filled world. Yet it is strange how interpretations of His holy intentions get so twisted from His plans.

Our Father in Heaven expected us to be eager to follow Paul’s teachings in His New Testament, which was too simple for many to follow. Many fled religious demands of their native land to search for a new way of life more clearly as scripture did tell us. This remains true to this day.

We have hope in trusting our risen savior Jesus Christ, to know we will resume a heavenly existence when death occurs. Lacking this confidence, our satisfaction is not guaranteed.

Those who study God’s Word, however, know our Creator’s work did not just happen randomly. We are also guided in His Word as to what is right and wrong. There is no excuse not to know the difference.

We have a responsibility to share the Good News with those who wander, and wonder.

I once read on a relative’s 100+ year-old tombstone: “Well done, good and faithful servant; thou has been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things; enter thou unto the Joy of thy Lord!” Matthew 25:23.

Now that is satisfaction guaranteed!!

Editor’s Note: Our dear columnist William Proctor went to heaven Monday, December 28, 2020. He will be missed, along with his always thought-provoking and well-received columns. The Pratt Tribune will continue to publish the columns he contributed (always in advance of deadlines) until we have no more new ones in the folder.

Thank you for sharing your wit, wisdom, and way with words Brother Bill.