One from the road: You had just one job to do

Ron Moore
St. John News
Ron Moore is a trucker, grandfather and writer from Stafford County who enjoys sharing his views on the trucking industry when he is on the road.

When I am scrolling through the Internet and see the headline, 'You had one job', I have to see it. You know that there will be pictures of some horrible jobs, like the stairs going up into a wall.

We have tarping services at many of our customers where we load. How simple is it to put a bungee on a tarp? You face the metal hook pointing away from the tarp so it doesn't poke a hole in it. 

The company that I drive for, had a tarping service for a customer. With every load I hooked up to, I had to switch many of the bungees around to protect the tarp. It's not rocket science.

Recently, a new exit ramp was built off of Interstate 35 to US 30 in Ames, Iowa. It seemed like it was taking forever and it was. I was watching the Des Moines news one evening and found out why.

All the concrete pillars were put in place to make a flyover to westbound 30. Each pillar top had a right slope when you were turning left. You don't slope right to turn left.

 Each pillar had to be corrected which wasn't an easy task. Someone, whether it be the civil engineer, contractor, or inspector, had one job to do. 

I have driven by highway mileage signs that would read that a town is 20 miles away. You go several miles and another sign reads it's 22 miles away. You have one job.

At the I 44 and I 35 junction, north of Oklahoma City, the State put up a huge sign telling you that I 35 went to Tulsa. Between you and me, it doesn't. It was corrected.

Stafford was moved seven miles closer to the US 281 and US 50 roundabout. All it took was a little piece of green tape and a white number. Easiest move ever made.

As far as the stairs going up to a wall, we don't know if the man's vicious snapping turtle may be getting loose. It might be for his safety. We shouldn't laugh but we do.