Letter to the Editor: Prayers for the President regarding violence in Nigeria

Harold Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Friends in fishing, Pratt Lions Club, world problems and Christian faith, Harold Stultz and Ike Agwu enjoy lunch at Tomi's Sushi and Steakhouse recently in Pratt.

Dear Editor:

I am writing an open letter to the United States President Joe Biden and want to share it here because I am worried about the state of mind of our elected officials. I am also worried about my friend Ike Agwu and his family members living in Nigeria. I hope others might be motivated to also write to their elected congressmen and senators after reading my letter. If not, at least those who read it will know more about the world outside rural Kansas than they did before, and maybe others will join me in the prayers I have listed at the end my letter. Sincerely, Harold Stultz, Pratt, Kansas

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you today about a very important problem that only you, the leader of the free world, can address and fix. I know this problem is dear to your heart as a Christian. There are men and women and children being slaughtered every minute of every day by Muslim militants in Nigeria. These people under attack are native Nigerians being pushed out of their own lands into refugee camps. They are Christians and if they don't conform or convert to the Islamic religion they are killed. The persecution of Christians no matter where they live is wrong. This isn't a racial problem. Skin color is not the issue here, this isn't really even a political problem, what is at stake here is religious freedom. If you believe in God and you live in Nigeria, then you are killed (God Mr. President). I know you believe in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You and I, no matter where you're from or what you do, or what you look like, if you are a Christian and believe in God, it is our human duty on this earth to stop and overcome the persecutions of Christians. 

The reason why the slaughtering of Christians in Nigeria is so dear to my heart is that I personally have become accepted into a loving Nigerian family and they have been instrumental in myself becoming a better Christian. They have helped me see how to make a difference to everyone I meet. My friends Ike and Edith Agwu are the perfect example of how to be a Christian, how to live a Christian life dedicated to the betterment of others through service. They have a plantain farm in Nigeria and all the proceeds go to their orphanage. They are paving the way for hundreds of Nigerian orphans (Christians) to have an education. 

Dear Mr. President, please please stop the killing of Christians in Nigeria. Only you can do this. I am a disabled Veteran of the United States Army. I served under former U.S. President Ronald Regan, as a member of the 3rd of the 325th airborne combat team, I was the tip of the spear in the Airborne Infantry. I am an American Christian, and I personally will go and fight if needed. I will always be an Airborne Infantryman. I will always stand and fight for Freedom and America and Christians. It is our duty Mr. President.

I share with you my prayers for you and for this situation.

Dear Lord, please give Mr. President Biden the knowledge, the heart, the spirit, the faith, the strength and cour to overcome all obstacles that are in the way to stop the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria.

Dear Heavenly Father God, please clear the way for this letter to be read by the President of the United States and give him the Power to stand against the Muslim millitants in Nigeria.

Dear Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I pray for peace for the orphanage children in Nigeria and for a clear and quick resolution to their struggles to live free as Christians.

Dear Jesus, I pray that you show your presence in the office of the President and command him to do what is necessary to stop the slaughter of Christians. 

Mr. President, I have no knowledge of what you need to do except that which concerns the use of military force. That I know and understand. May God be with you and in you to accept and clean up this current Nigerian crisis. Now is the time.

Thank you Mr. President, may God be with you. 

Please save these children!


Harold M Stultz Jr., rural Pratt, Kansas

* Address to write to the President of the United States: White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500