One from the road: Gotta love modern technology

Ron Moore
Pratt Tribune
Ron Moore is a trucker, grandfather and writer from Stafford County who enjoys sharing his views on the trucking industry when he is on the road.

A friend of mine, Ed, who should remain nameless, but I want to give him credit for my misery, asked me how I wrote my column? I told him that I used my phone and did it on email. 

I said that my email didn't always save my writing. Here lately, once I started writing, I could not close my email. It was becoming a real pain. 

Ed is a great writer, and he did give two suggestions, which are very helpful but also a headache. He suggested that I download a grammar app. 

I write as I talk. I was talking long before I knew how to write, and sometimes it is hard to change. What if we talked as we write? Do you remember Victor Borge's punctuation routine? 

Now when I write, it tells me to change this word or that word. Hey, that doesn't sound like me. It's been almost 50 years since I had an English class, but I am due for a refresher course. 

Now for the real headache. Ed suggested I open a work page and when I was done, copy and paste it to the email. I'm not a copy and paste guy. I copy, cut, paste and copy. 

At church, I copy a joke or cartoon, use scissors to cut, use a glue stick to paste it to the master bulletin, and copy more bulletins. It is so simple. 

My daughter set me up a Google doc page. She told me that it would always be saved. Wednesday evening, I wrote my article and copied it. It wouldn't come up on the email. I lost it. 

My daughter said that could not happen. Thursday evening, I wrote it again and it disappeared like the first one. Friday afternoon she was checking on her computer and couldn't find them either. 

Hopefully, we have this figured out because I'm tired of the one being blamed. I heard several times, “I don't know what you did?” If we need to blame someone, Ed you are on top of the list.