One From the Road: Tigers or Blujays?

Ron Moore
St. John News
Ron Moore is a trucker, grandfather and writer from Stafford County who enjoys sharing his views on the trucking industry when he is on the road.

Computers are great. They have made our life so much easier and less stressful in some ways. If you have a math problem, a calculator answers it with ease and speed.

The delete button is the most important part of a computer. How many mistakes do we humans make and if it wasn't for that button, we would have to start over?

Do you remember what we used to correct a mistake on a typewriter? You had a bottle of Wite-Out. In high school, I could have used Wite-Out paper. I don't know what I would do if the delete button ran out of that delete stuff.

If you put your trust in the computer, you could get in trouble. For example, the routing that the GPS might give you. It may send you down a narrow dirt road if it is programmed for the shortest route.

You might be shown that the best route is more miles but could be a faster time. Hopefully, you check the routes on an atlas. Yes, they are still being made.

Computers can ruin personal relationships. In the '90s load planners talked all day on the telephone. They would talk to the same people day after day and build a relationship.

If you were well-liked by the shipper, you could get the better loads. Today most of the work is done online. When was the last time you heard one computer ask another one, how's the weather?

Our newspaper editor told me that they now send everything online to a service on the East Coast and there the papers are put together by someone who has no connection to local communities. It's a team concept with no proofs sent back for advertising pages to editorial leaders. Mistakes can happen.

Somehow the Tigers were called the 'BLUJAYS' in the recent graduation pages, which were listed as graduation ads (so no proofing allowed). After years of having my column on the top right of the page, it was put on the bottom left. Next week it could be someplace else.

If a mistake was made, how would they know? It isn't personal to them, but it is for many people. Ask our Editor how many complaints she received? Thank goodness we have computers.

Ron Moore is an over-the-road trucker based in Stafford County, Kansas, where he is also a grandfather, husband and community writer with close ties to the St. John community.