Pastoral Commentary: Keep planting seeds of faith

The Rev. Karen Lemon
Pratt Tribune
The Rev. Karen Lemon, of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pratt, speaks of planting seeds of hope, love and faith.

This past winter, when I had mostly completed working on our unfinished sunroom, I began looking for a few plants to fill it out.

As there weren’t a lot of selections in the stores at that time, I ordered a Hawaiian Ti plant from a mail order catalog. The ad said this plant was believed to bring good fortune and long life, was easy to grow, and would get up to 6 feet fall, perfect for our 9-foot ceiling and my lack of a green thumb.

They sent three starter logs, and the directions said to start them in water and then transfer them to a pot when a sprout appeared. I put one of the logs in a glass of water and placed it on a shelf in the sunroom, out of reach of our cats who reside there.

For a long time, nothing much happened except for me forgetting to add water a couple of times. After several months a small green bud appeared on the log, so I removed the log from the glass of water and planted it in a pot. Of course, the dirt covered up the tiny growth on the log, so I didn’t know whether it was growing or not.

Finally, a small green leaf broke through the dirt and the plant appears to be doing well in spite of my meager efforts, although it has a long way to go to reach 6 feet.

Jesus frequently used seed sowing and plant growing as images for his messages. Often these parables were about the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is not someplace far away, some place we get to when we leave this world. The kingdom of God is breaking in here and now, much like growing seeds.

Just as we plant seeds to grow flowers and vegetables, we need to be faithful in planting other seeds, seeds of love, hope and faith. God created the seeds, we plant them, and God will graciously take care of them. We may not quickly see the results of our efforts, but we just keep on planting, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God.

The seeds we plant may appear to be buried in the soil, dwelling in darkness. We can’t always see what is going on, but while in the darkness they undergo a transformation. What exactly happens in the darkness, we don’t know. But we have faith that something will grow from these seeds whether they are plant seeds or seeds of faith. We don’t have to fear the darkness; God can transform it and us.

Keep the faith. Do not underestimate the smallest seeds, for God has a plan for God’s creation. So just keep planting, loving God, and proclaiming the kingdom by all that we say and do.