One from the road: Here’s a bright idea

Ron Moore
Pratt Tribune
Ron Moore is a truck driver from Stafford County and a community columnist for the St. John News.

I am thankful that I have only one friend named Ed. If I had two or more, you wouldn't know which one I was talking about. 

Ed had delivered a trailer load of quilt batting to a customer in a small town in northwestern Minnesota. He was impressed by the lady who had the dream to start a quilting business. 

Most of the ladies that are into sewing know that you have to sew a lot to use a truckload of batting. She told him that they normally go through a truckload a month, but last year, they used 14 loads. 

We were talking about how a person has an idea and then makes a success of it. The television show "Shark Tank" is a great example of entrepreneurship. 

I told him that I had an idea for the last 20 years but never did anything about it. I've been thinking of building a birdhouse for woodpeckers. You first start with hardwood and build a house. 

You put some railings around it so the new owner can get a good grip and place the doors and windows where they want them. I've been told that I have a bird brain, but I probably would not put them in the right place. 

After Ed quit laughing, he thought that this was a great idea. He was taking this under the pretense that if people would buy a pet rock that they would buy my woodpecker house. 

How many times have we bought something so stupid because we had to have it? I wonder how many of you purchased the Weather Rock? You have to admit that was a clever way to make money. 

How about those giant pencils? I thought they were a little silly but the price of lumber as of now could be a wise investment. If my woodpecker birdhouse doesn't make me money, I have more.  

Why not sell trees as homes for birds and squirrels? I can see the ad campaign now, give a homeless squirrel a home. Make your birds the envy of the neighborhood with a beautiful place to live. After all, we bought a rock.