Chaos, high-decibel engine noise, and commotion seem to be constant on Highway 54

Brandon Case
Pratt Tribune
Brandon Case

It’s hard to obey the speed limit these days. If you do, anyway, somebody will probably be right on your tail, and you’ll hear them coming long before they tailgate and then pass you.

Is it my imagination, or is the world of Pratt getting louder and more frantic?

Some days it seems like people are simply racing for position at the next stoplight. On such days, First Street would be more appropriately renamed Grand Prix Boulevard.

Why is everybody in such a hurry these days? It’s understandable that the police have to hurry sometimes, but it makes you wonder what’s happening in our little town when you see six police cruisers go screaming east down First St., as my wife and I did recently.

Chaos, high-decibel engine noise, and commotion seem to be a constant state of affairs on Highway 54.

A friend of mine recently told me he was returning home to Greensburg last month and ended up stuck behind a vehicle that kept slowing down and speeding up. At the same time, there was also a semi-trailer right on the bumper of my friend’s car. My friend was finally able to pass the erratic driver and the semi-truck did so too but couldn’t pass my friend and kept riding his bumper, since this friend chooses to obey the speed limit. When both arrived in Greensburg the driver of the semi-trailer passed my friend and yelled obscenities at him out the window. My friend called the police and reported both of these unstable drivers.

In any case, I’m not sure who is winning the race out on Highway 54 (and other local speedways), but, if the situation keeps worsening, the only beneficiaries will be the local hospital and funeral home.