Panel will meet to discuss abuse and where to get help in Pratt County

Jeanette Siemens
Pratt Tribune
Jeanette Siemens

Domestic Abuse. This is a topic, along with Mental Health Issues, that is a very serious problem, not only here, but all across the state and probably the nation. It touches many lives.

Recently, there were several posts on Facebook about a local abuse case, raising the issue of how it does touch us here in Pratt and raised the questions of where should people go and what they should do if they are a victim plus so many other issues.

Sexual abuse can be physical as well as sexual, emotional and physiological. Abuse can be very controlling and verbal as well as non verbal. It can be very hard to understand, if thankfully, it's not something we have experienced personally. So even though it's often silent and maybe not very visible to the eye, it's a frightening and very real issue.

Hopefully, many of you are aware of the Circles of Hope, Pratt County program, and its quarterly community conversation on topics of interest to the entire community. When our committee met recently, everyone agreed this is a big issue here in Pratt and should be the topic of our next Big View conversation. That Big View will take place Monday, July 26, 6:00 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church. The group hopes to make this the first of several conversations with this one helping to create awareness and leading to further steps to include more education and assistance.

We will have a panel that will consist of Nate Humble, Chief of Police, a representative of the Crisis Center, our County Attorney, Tracey Beverlin and possibly a victim from somewhere other than Pratt (for safety issues) or at least some documented stories of victims. As in the past, there will be brief presentations by panel participants followed by questions and answers. We will be meeting in person that evening and invite you to join us for that conversation. I hope to see you then: Monday, July 16, 6 p.m at the First United Methodist Church. Please join in for this important conversation.