There are many reasons to take up bicycle riding on a daily basis

Brandon Case
Pratt Tribune
Bicycling has many benefits according to Brandon Case, Pratt, who took this shadow-selfie while riding recently.

There are a lot of good reasons to opt for riding a bicycle to work or for errands instead of using a motor vehicle. Even if it’s just one day per week, riding a bicycle has the potential to improve your health (both mental and physical) and pocketbook and also lead to the betterment of the community and even the world.

Here are seven reasons to consider opting for this alternative form of transportation, which pre-dates its fuel-consuming cousin by almost 70 years.

1) Do it for your health. Riding a bicycle even a mile or two gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing. For those who want to get in better shape, this is a good start that could lead to riding longer distances or engaging in other forms of physical activity.

2) It’s eco and pocketbook friendly. If enough people ride instead of drive at least one day per week, it will decrease demand for fossil fuels and, ideally, will also drive down the price of gasoline at the pump. Who can argue with saving money?

3) The less you drive your car, the longer it lasts. Using your car less will save wear and tear on the engine. Again, it’s a pocketbook issue.

4) Quiet down the town. With more people riding bicycles, Pratt will be a quieter, gentler and more laid-back town.

5) Help make our streets safer. Less vehicles on the road means that the potential for accidents also decreases. Also, bicycle versus bicycle accidents are generally not fatal.

6) More bicycles and fewer cars equal a friendlier town. On a bicycle you are traveling slow enough that you have time to wave at other cyclists passing by, even if it’s just a Harley wave.

7) Do your part for the earth and your neighbors. By bicycling instead of driving at least one day per week, you will be reducing the amount of pollution in our air and thus contributing to better health for others (not to mention reducing your carbon footprint).

By riding a bicycle instead of driving just one day per week, you can make a positive difference in your physical health, mental health, economic health, and community health, not to mention doing your part in creating a healthier planet earth.