One from the road: No room for phone numbers

Ron Moore
Pratt Tribune
Ron Moore is a truck driver from Stafford County and a community columnist for the St. John News.

It's time for a pop quiz. Are you ready? Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Without looking at your cell phone, write down the phone numbers of the people that you have in your contacts. 

Don't give me that look. I know that you have phone numbers locked in your head but are they today's phone numbers? Or are they phone numbers from 20 years ago? 

I can remember phone numbers from 30 years ago. It was easy to do. At least once a day, I had to find a payphone and call dispatch. It didn't take long to remember that number. Now I tell my phone to call dispatch. 

Payphones used to be in abundance. I was in a New Jersey truck stop on a Friday evening. I went to the phone room and called night dispatch. 

I asked the dispatcher what my next load was going to be. He put me on hold. I let the handset swing by the cable and went to the next phone. I called again and he put me on hold. 

This went on at least four more times. Then it dawned on him that I was on all the other lines. I told him that I had two more phones if I didn't get an answer. Can't do that today. 

One day in Fort Worth, I was calling dispatch. A driver came up to use the phone next to me. I watched as he punched the buttons. He was calling the same number that I was talking to. 

After our calls had ended, I asked him how long he had worked for Magill? He said that he didn't but was talking to a broker. It happened to be Magill's broker. 

At one time, I had a toll-free phone number for my house. It was so much easier than dialing a bunch of numbers on a card and cheaper.  

How did you do on the test? I got a zero because the only phone number I know from memory is my own. I carry two phones but don't ask me what the other number is. My brain must be running low on memory!