One From the Road: Moore adds more to the subject of music-scene memories

Ron Moore
St. John News
Ron Moore writes from Stafford County where he is an over-the-road trucker, husband, father and grandfather.

My fellow columnist in the Pratt Tribune, Brandon Case, penned an article about the music he and his family listened to years ago. My friend Ed, posted on Facebook some music clips from radio stations from when he was growing up in Minnesota.

What a difference in the region of the country you grew up in. Every area had its unique style and sound for radio. 

I might be 50 years late, but I enjoy listening to Casey Kasem, America Top 40 on Sirius. He said that some songs on the top 40 chart, you may have not heard. They might be popular in New York, Las Angeles, or Chicago but not in your local area.

Family has a lot to do with how people listen to the radio. My grandfather had one radio. It sat next to his chair at the kitchen table. He used it for the weather and farm reports.

I can only remember having one radio in the house while growing up. Once again it was in the kitchen. My mom would listen to the local channel to get the news. I wonder where she got that idea?

I did find out that my dad did like country music. I learned in school that if you put a radio in a hog house and let it play when you walk in, it would not be spooked.

I put a radio in the hog house and had it set on a rock station. My dad walked in and asked what I was doing? I told him and that's when he said, "The hogs like country".

For several years our hogs were entertained with country and rock and roll. Our hogs were probably more country and rock and roll than Donnie and Marie Osmond.

With 45 plus years sitting behind a steering wheel, I listen to talk radio. I would listen to local talk shows during the day and national ones in the evening. Bruce Williams and Tom Snyder we're the best.

My wife and I were watching a parade last Thanksgiving. They would make a big deal about people on floats. We didn't know who they were. Jackie Mason died recently. If you say, 'Who's That', now you know what I am going through.