From fields to horizons - there's so much too see in the countryside as summer's end nears

Brandon Case
Pratt Tribune
Brandon Case

A trip down just about any road in Pratt County these days yields a view of fields of plenty: ripened corn seemingly ready to harvest (and perhaps harvest will be underway by the time this is published); milo of various hues and stages of development; cotton flowering in pinks and whites; soybeans thick and deep green.

There is a lot of work coming to its fruition in the countryside. Whether or not farming is your way of life, or, like me, it’s a couple of generations removed, it’s always a good idea to thank a farmer for their labors. Those fields of plenty feed you and me, not to mention providing numerous products essential to our everyday lives. The latest estimate I was is that one Kansas farmer feeds 155 people. I remember seeing similar road signs when I was young.

Right now, it is beautiful out in the country, especially if you’re fortunate enough to be traveling down a dirt road at sunrise or sunset. August skies create a wonderful interplay of light and shadow out on the prairie at dawn or dusk. But it’s not just a feast for the eyes, the symphony of late summer seems to be ever-increasing in volume as daylight fades, with cicadas being the loudest musicians.

While it may be hot these days, once the sun goes down the temperature becomes bearable. Also, with the dry, windy days we’ve had for a good chunk of August (except for that surprise rainstorm near the end), even the heat hasn’t been too bad, particularly if you can get away from the city’s asphalt and concrete. For those dedicated lovers of summer, the warm days are dwindling away, so now is the time to soak up the last of the season’s rays (plus, all of that Vitamin D created by sunlight on your skin is good for the immune system).

In any case, may the remainder of your summer be filled with beauty, warmth, and, for the farmers among us, high yields.