Rabbit tag observed at Lemon Park

Gale Rose
A rabbit sits in the grass in Pratt's Lemon Park and watches other rabbits chase each other across the lawn and through the bushes. He seemed to not be afraid of walkers on the walking path.

A unique game of tag was taking place in Lemon Park on May 5. A trio of rabbits was having a good time chasing each other in and out of some bushes on the north side of the mile long walking trail that meanders through the park.

It was late afternoon and the sunlight was casting long shadows off the bushes and trees. The rabbits would run from under a bush and chase each other across the grass then run back under the bush and start the game again.

Two rabbits were having a great time as they scurried across the lawn and paid no attention to the people walking through the park.

For one rabbit though, he seemed to get bored of the game and decided to just sit and watch. For several minutes he sat on one spot and watched as the other two rabbits scampered back and forth across the lawn and under the bush.

I was taking a walk through the park and stopped to take in this exciting game. I stood very still and just watched then noticed that the third rabbit had not moved. He was just sitting there within a few feet of me.

Whether he just didn't notice I was standing there or was not afraid of me, I could not say. But there he sat and their I stood, neither of us moving.

For a couple of minutes we held our ground. The rabbit had noticed me and was keeping an eye on me but as long as I didn't move, he didn't seem to mind me being there.

Finally, I decided to continue my walk and as soon as I moved, he quickly turned towards me and moved a way a few steps but still much closer than I thought he would stay.

All this time the other two rabbits continued their game of tag, oblivious to the fact the a human had entered their play area.

It was time for me to move along so I headed on down the sidewalk. The rabbit also took off and headed for the bush and the other rabbits.

Too often we take things for granted that are all around us. Many others have walked the mile path many time and perhaps they too have seen the rabbits running and playing in the park.

Perhaps this rabbit has become used to the walkers and is less skittish than the others. With all the foot traffic in the park, he didn't seem to be afraid of me.

It's just another moment in nature when I'm glad I stopped and paused to take in the moment and enjoy a simple game of tag, rabbit style.

* Just Looking Around is a new regular column written by Pratt Tribune/Dodge Globe reporter Gale Rose.