Social media: What readers are saying

Staff Writer

Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Hutchinson News Facebook: Do you support legislator's efforts to eliminate Daylight Savings Time?

Dawn Varney: Yes. At noon, the sun should be on the line that bisects the E<->W horizon. That's how time of day was originally determines in our system.

Lee West: Im only for it if the whole nation does it. Having to figure out what time it is in states next to us would be more stressful than adjusting to an hour change twice a year. Also, civil twilight would start at 430 in the summer months.

Lindsey Miller: It would be much easier on many people physically and mentally not to have the time change.

Salina Journal Facebook: Gov. Kelly wants lawmakers to pay down debt, refinance KPERS

Tom Nichol: Raid the teacher and healthcare worker retirement fund to finance a burgeoning governmental bureaucracy? BRILLIANT!

Roger Barrett: We need to support the pension funds for teachers but what is she using our extra income tax money for?

Susan Harvey Hammond: Go for it! Address the teacher shortage by supporting their retirement plans!

Andrea Pfeifer: Brownback borrowed money to fund KPERS, so would this refinancing that money or other?

Garden City Telegram Facebook: No shortage of ideas for reshaping tax policy

Lisa Gleason: The standard deduction has been the same for at least 15 years, if not longer. it would benefit me and others to increase the amount

Kyle Quiñones: Hmmm let me guess... tax cuts for the rich... and we will get stuck with the bill...

Ottawa Herald Facebook: Mayor Michelle De La Isla launches bid for U.S. House

Tom Beckjorden: Democrat candidates are not an option relative to a good economy, low unemployment, safe borders and a great America.

Geoff Hanson: A busted Roomba that goes in circles is better than Watkins.

Carrie Barry: I think regardless of party she has a history of being a public servant according to her previous positions, and seems to have a servant mindset. Hard sell in Kansas since she has a D by her name

Jessica Reddy Zeck: She spoke at an evening event during the Softball World Series that was held in Topeka last summer. She gave a very empowering speech to all of the young ladies who were there! Loved it!

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Hensley: Tax reform, Medicaid expansion critical

Michael Garrison: How about cut back on spending! Live within the budget!

Tony Gillette: All from the Chuck Schumer of Topeka..... #TermLimits.

Carol Heimiller: Been supporting this man for over 30 years. Still do

Gregg Ireland: Pay down the KPERS debt, reduce sales tax on food. Cut spending in other places to do those two things for starters. No tax increases on anything.

Michael Storm: The policies of: minding their own business and keeping their hands off my hard earned wages.

Cody McCann: No sales tax on food and Medicaid expansion

Richard Johnson: Kansas to approve Death with Dignity Act.

Sen. Vic Miller seeks dismissal of DUI, says he didn't drink

Linda James: He's only saying that because he didn't get a breath test or blood alcohol level test done and they don't have any proof.

Brian Kayser: Why the hell didn't the officer do a breathalyser or blood test? Politicians should be treated like any other citizen!