Letter to the editor: What kind of president do they want?

Staff Writer

What kind of president do they want?

The Senate vote on impeachment will reveal as much about senators as it does about the President who: tried to bribe the leader of a foreign country; obstructed Congress by refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas for information; has lied or misrepresented the truth 15,413 times by Dec. 16, according to the Washington Post; dismantled the Trans-Pacific Partnership of 12 nations aimed at controlling Chinese economic and political influence; pulled out of a multi-nation agreement to restrain Iranian nuclear development; refutes scientifically based global warming; announced in Helsinki that he trusted Putin's statement that Russia had not interfered with the 2016 elections rather than US Intelligence services that found Russia had interfered; has been fined $2 million for using his charitable foundation for personal benefit; uses his public rallies to generate hatred and divisiveness; implies that his tariffs imposed are generating funds from foreign trade, whereas, they are taxes that the US pays for imports; declares as "fake news" articles or statements that he doesn't agree with.

His attacks on Congress, the judiciary, and truth are eroding our basic trust in our government. The downside of his economic practices is that the national debt is increasing at a rate of $1 trillion a year.

Rep. Roger Marshall has already affirmed that this is the kind of president he wants and now our senators will vote if these are the character and practices of the president they want.

Marshall Stanton, Salina