Social media: What readers are saying

Staff Writer

Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Hays Daily News Facebook: Mahomes wears "Sophia Strong" wristband of Hays teen

Deb Tennyson Rice: Mahomes is such a neat guy on and off the field. Such a neat story!

Connie White: I noticed the wrist band and wondered what it was for....thanks for sharing this touching story

Mary Riggs: What a great person, this is awesome.

Pittsburg Morning Sun Facebook: House, Senate committees move swiftly to advance abortion amendment

Steve Compton: Its tempting to move back to Ks to vote for this

Andrew Smith: Good! Glad to see them trying to right the wrong!

The Logical Mind: Oh look, the party of "small government" stepping on women's rights, big surprise.

Hutchinson News Facebook: County approves study of landfill fees

Linda Townsend: We have lived in counties which initiated landfill fees, the results were certain residents stopped taking their trash to the landfill and chose in stead to use county ditches.

Lisa Gamber (Linda Townsend): Already happens even when the landfill is right down the road... and when you catch it and call it in nothing is done.

Sherrie Richards: We all ready pay for the land fill each month in our city bill. It always been free to residents of reno county. We drop off trash we taken out their that couldnt fit in the trash can. Nickel and dime us to death.

Randy Wesley: Don’t want to hear the complaints when illegal dumping rates go up too

Salina Journal Facebook: Proposed constitutional amendment evokes strong views on abortion

Joyce Palmer: In any event, legislators, please put the issue in terms that ordinary people can understand. Let yes mean yes, no mean no. Wording can be manipulated so that yes means no, no means yes. Then the whole issue can be nebulous and confusing. Politicians are good at that.

Sandy Clanton: Are you pregnant? Only the pregnant person can know all the complexities that are involved in their difficult decision. Do some research. Abortion attempts are recorded throughout history and can result in long term problems for the involved person or even death. Making safe abortions illegal is not the solution.

Mike Grummert: Only time abortion should be considered is when mother life is in danger

Dustin Kindell (Mike Grummert): The government and Men should stay out of a woman's business.

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Consultants reject idea of demolishing Docking building

Peggy Foster: I spent 34 years in that building. Hope they find a way to fix it.

Rob Scofield: How many consults has the state hired over the years. When will the state ( whoever decides) decide? How much has been spent over the years on this process?

Larry Tenopir: Finally, some sense. Renovate and stop paying rent to private landlords.