Letter to the editor: Open letter to Sen. Pat Roberts

Staff Writer

Open letter to Sen. Pat Roberts

I want to thank you for your service to this country through your military service and several terms serving as a U.S. senator. Well done.

Since you will not be seeking another term as senator, you will not have to go through another Republican primary and cater to the ultra-conservative, Trump-supporting, Republican base. This will allow you to base your votes solely on what is morally right and for the good of our democracy. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to vote to allow additional witnesses, testimony and documents in the Senate trial for the impeachment of Trump. Only then can you and all the other senators decide whether to remove Trump from office, based on the evidence and what is best for our country, and not just the short-term benefit to their political party.

Also, since this trial will have a profound impact on the upcoming election, Americans deserve to have all the information in order to cast an intelligent, well informed vote for President.

Why not be a senator recognized in history as a senator with the courage and integrity similar to that of the late Sen. John MCain, rather than just another politician who was dominated by his political party?

Richard D. Elliott, Nickerson